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USB Cable Camera For Cards Scanning Analyzer

Could you imagine that a USB charger cable can be fixed a camera inside? If so, how magic it is! Yes, we have created this powerful cheating device in poker gambling. That means you can scanning the barcode marked cards while charger your phone!
It is necessary for you to charge your phone when it powers off. And the USB cable as a common tool is used to charge the phone, so we can take this good chance to hide a camera inside the USB cable. Just use it to charge the phone, and it can read the barcode marked cards secretly. This camera works with the poker analyzer and it is available for all poker analyzers in the market.
The scanning distance for the USB cable camera is 20-35 cm. This device is the latest product and it has a good concealment in cheating. If you have a demand for it, please don’t hesitate to call or email us at any time.