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USB Data Cable Playing Cards Scanning Camera

If you want to know the poker game result in advance, a functional poker odds calculator will be a good choice. And a magic poker camera is a good barcode marked cards scanner for poker analyzer devices. Here, we will introduce the special USB data cable poker scanner lens.

In order to succeed in poker cheat, poker players should take advantage of those unsuspected items they put on the gambling table by using them as an external poker scanning camera for poker hand odds calculator system. For example, when your cellphone is running out of power, it is necessary and normal to charger cellphone with its power bank. In that case, a USB cable would become a great choice to carry the poker camera lens.

We can install a poker camera lens into USB cables of different sizes, including mini-sized ones. Of course, If you want us to install our marked cards scanner into your USB cable, please send it to us. You can rest assured that there is nothing special in appearance about the USB cables with a poker camera inside.

In general, the scanning distance of this cellphone data cable is 20-40 centimeters, if you want longer scanning distance, we also can customize it as your requirement.