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Use every available resource to improve your business game

In online poker, professional players can legally use very sophisticated software to track their opponents’ moves. In addition, this software can help a player analyze her own performance and look for those areas that could stand a little improvement. These kinds of tools also exist for small business owners. If your company does not utilize online tools like CRM and sales tracking applications, you aren’t doing all you can to make the business better and more profitable. Use every available resource to improve your business game. Never stop learning. Poker players who play the same worn out strategy tournament after tournament don’t get anywhere, and neither do business owners who are averse to learning and implementing new tools and strategies. Read industry publications and blogs to stay on top of new trends in business and business management. Watch videos, examine case studies, and network with colleagues to find out what is working for other businesses. Then think critically about their methods and assess whether or not you can put some of those ideas to work for you.

In the end, learning to play poker will help you in ways you never even imagined. It’s a smart way to learn strategy, understand your competition, assess your next move, make sound investment decisions, and learn when it’s time to walk away. In short, poker gives you the discipline you need to succeed.