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Useful Scanning Camera For Poker Winner Predictor

If you are not allowed to put your poker analyzer system on the poker table, what will you do? Here is a good news for you! The camera lens is very excellent for poker predictor system. In order to have a secret poker cheat, the camera can be hidden into many routine items like car key, clock, water dispenser, watch and other kinds. So it is necessary to choose an excellent camera lens for your poker predictor. 
Firstly, thepoker scanning camera is special for scanning marks on the four sides of marked cards. Secondly, it is a HD camera so that the marked cards can be scan without any mistake even in a dark light. Third, the camera can be a short distance camera whose scanning distance is within 90cm or long distance camera and its scanning distance is about 1-6m. At last, used in poker cheat, the camera will read the marked cards with 100% accuracy and send the codes of cards to the poker analyzer decoding at a high speed.
With a good camera for your poker predictor, you are able to play in a more smooth way. If you need to choose a camera lens for your poker predictor, we can offered more information about the poker scanning camera!