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UV Contact Lenses And Ultraviolet Luminous Marked Cards

UV light is the general name of the electromagnetic spectrum in the wavelength from 10nm ~ 400nm radiation, which cannot discover by people’s normal eyes, for this reason, we develop the UV invisible ink luminous contact lenses marked cards.
This magic marked deck cards are marked with our quality ultraviolet invisible ink, the markings on the back of the marked deck of cards cannot be found by people’s eyes and even infrared detecting devices also cannot read any secret, while our power UV contact lenses can help you to read the markings clearly. This luminous contact lenses will not change your eyes color at all and other hardly to find different of your eyes. Besides, the ultraviolet contact lenses is so soft and comfortable to wear that you no need to worry about if it will hurt your eyes.
We have many types of UV luminous marked cards contact lenses for sales, no matter what color your eye are, there is also a suitable type for you to choose.