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UV Luminous Ink To Mark Infrared Playing Cards

When you are in the casino, there are many marked cards, but you do not know it because of you can see the marks by naked eyes. As a matter of fact, you can mark poker cards by yourself, and you can design any pattern. Using our luminous invisible ink to mark poker cards is a easy thing for you.
To mark the poker cards needs professional skills. If you need, we can offer your guidance. This is a technology that you can master to mark playing cards. And UV luminous invisible ink will only work with our UV contact lenses or sunglasses. Those marks drawn on the back of poker cards are invisible from our naked eyes but for our contact lenses. You will be able to mark between 15-20 decks poker cards. So when you have it, you can easily mark any kind of poker cards, and the marks only you can know.
Having UV luminous invisible ink to mark poker cards, you can use your marked cards to play poker games and win a lot of money in the casino. Now, if you want to mark poker cards by yourself, you can contact us by Skype!