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UV Marking Cards Deck Prescription

What wonderful magic tricks you can do with a marked deck! And now you can mark your own!
Deceptive marked decks are expensive and hard to find. The marked card marking system was developed with the magician in mind.
Easy-to-follow instructions, you will exactly know how to alter the back design on any Bicycle deck so that you can "read" the mark
and know what each card is.
Of course, there are hundreds of card tricks you can do if you have a marked deck. Basically, whatever card your spectator chooses,
you'll know what it is. If a chosen card is put back into the deck, you'll be able to locate it just by looking at the backs of the
A marked deck also helps you to perform any Bicycle card trick better. By reading the mark on the back, you'll always know if your
trick is going "as planned". You'll never be surprised by turning over a card at the end of the trick, only to discover- too late!-
that you had miscounted or done something wrong. Knowledge is power, and you will always be in control.