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Wallet Poker Card Reader For Marked Playing Cards Analyzer

This fashion wallet can be used be put money as well as bank cards and so on like a normal one, what is more, it also can act as a secret magic playing card scanner.
It is processed so perfect so no one can find any different from its appearance. this magic wallet poker card reader is very convenient to operate. you just need to turn it on and ensure it contact to the poker analyzer device you want before the poker games, then ,what you need to do is put in on the poker table, as long as the dealer shuffle the cards and put the edged barcode marked deck of poker cards on the poker table, the wallet poker predictor scanner can read the barcode information automatically, and then pass these signal to t to you via mini earpiece or vibrator, even the connected poker hand analyzer to calculate the poker card games results.
it can be match for various types of poker winner predictor, such as CVK poker analyzer, AKK poker odds calculator, PK King poker hand odds calculator, V68 playing cards scanning system and so on.