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What is a marked deck of cards and infrared contact lenses

What you need is persistence, not opportunity.
Success is reserved for those who are prepared, the opportunity is left to the prepared person. Between you and success, the difference is not an opportunity, but insist.
Some people can be a seccessfully magician, some people only can do some small poker magic tricks.
Some people can play an important role in invisible ink contact lenses for marked cards, some people only can buy the toy to have fun with themselves.
Different pursuit, different choice.
If you are a person who has a pursuit, you will try and keep going to buy a Ferrari. If you are a peoson who don't have ambition, you can only buy a Toyota.
In your opinion, what is infrared camera to you? Maybe to many people, it is an infrared camera lneses that can see through infrared marked cards. Maybe some people will also call it infrared poker contact lenses for marekd deck.
How to mark cards with an invisible luminous pen? Why infrared ink that only can be seen with special marked cards glasses.
Do you want to know the reason?
Golden Sunshine marked cards will invite you to enjoy the beautiful time with playing cards analyzer system, Texas Holdem scanner predictor, and so on poker magic device.