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What Is Marked Cards With Passwords

The passwords are meant to be the special codes provided by famous playing card brand such as Bicycle or Bee as instructions and features of the special decks which contain unperceivable signs or patterns on the backside of cards. So this is the ones of preset playing cards that some brands produce. Those USPCC and other poker card line producers make and sell them for magic purpose, but one thing leads to another, cheaters may get them and apply them on private card tables.
And what would be the passwords, mostly are the distinction of back patterns like dots, colors, or maybe shadows of finish, or a mix of all above. The hidden characteristics are variant in different brands and companies, even in each identical deck. Card cheater should remember the codes corresponding to actual card values or suits, a cheat sheet of passwords is put inside tuck box, before you start any gambling, get yourself much into it.
How to detect such branded rigged cards, first of all you should keep in mind of its initial purpose, yes, for illusionists. So it can not be very hard to find out something is unusual than normal cards, because magicians are doing magic instead of cheating, they are allowed to use such marking products like UMD, they do not need to worry being caught or other risks.