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The dream to have a large amount of money

Everyone all has a dream, who hope that they can have a large amount of money in someday, if it comes true in the future, what will you do with the a lot of money? Travelling, donating some of the money to charity, improving the quality of life, or buy something that you always want to buy but there is no surplus money to buy before ect.

While in poker games, to win a big amount of money, it is normal things, there are many of poker players who are winning the money every day, and the amount who win is very huge, some advisable poker players will invest some of their money to do business or buy some poker high-tech devices(such as infrared contact lenses, marked cards, poker sunglasses ect), while there are some people who want to use the money to have a luxury life, some of them will use the money to do some meaningful things. If who are you, what will you do?