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Why gambling attract so many fans all over the world?

Why gambling attract so many fans all over the world?

What is the amazing part of the gambling?

Here i would like share my opinions on it, suppose there are two reasons:

One is that economy environment is much better than 100  years ago, that means people has enought income and leisure time. When people don\'t need to worry about if tomorrow has bread and milk, and they still have time to squander when they don\'t need to work, they will consider to find something for fun, they will invent something for fun, so there are many gamble types come out and with the gambling rules.

The other reason is due to the technical and science is raised and rapid to much, there is too much high tech products like the poker scanning system, which can let some of the players cheated in the poker table, they think it is fun and make them confident during the poker game. 

And some of the players can also use the infrared contact lenses to check if there is any invisible ink marked cards be used on the poker table.

The survey proved once the industry use the hi-tech, there must be exaltation for this industry. The economy bring a spring bed for the poker industy, and the hi-tech enhance the industry to another spring days.