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Wide Angle Poker Camera For Marked Cards

Wide angle camera lens has a lot of advantages than other camera lens obviously. So many customers are willing to choose a wide angle poker camera lens. The advice we can give you is the wide angle camera lens scanning range is wider, whether choose it or not depends on customer needs.
The wide angle poker camera lens battery life is 10 hour or constant record while plugged in power source.
Wide angle camera lens could capture more information of the barcode marked card.
A built-in lithium ion battery will give you 10 hours of run time whether recording or not while the plug in charge will charge your battery and let you record indefinitely. Video is stored to a memory card (sold separately). 1GB of storage is consumed per hour of video being recorded. Be sure to grab a memory card before you check out.
The price of wide angle camera lens is slightly more expensive than other lens, because the process of product needs higher technology, this camera lens will be used more and more widely, because its effect is very good.