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How To Play Wireless Remote Control Dice?

It is a common phenomenon that dice is widely played by most people in families, Golden pear chess and card rooms and big casinos. Dice playing is an interesting game. It can not only make people who suffer from work and life pressure relaxed but also bring them a kind of excitement.To master the skill of playing dice, you are supposed to have a good understanding of its detailed formation. A whole set of wireless remote control dice consists of base board, dice and dice controller. The sizes and specifications of dice and dice board are different in general.

Actually, it is easy to play dice and make bets successfully if you have a pair of wireless remote control dice. First, you are taught to hide the board into or under the gambling table secretly in advance. Second, put a bowl over the fixed board on the table. Lastly, throw out the dice and press the remote dice controller at the same time and you can get the right point you want.This set of wireless remote control dice is widely used in private dice party, party gamble, casino, dice match and magic show. It is a high-tech product, so you have no need to worry about being caught cheating in dice game.