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The famous casino in Macau

Macau Night
Macau, China: Asia's largest casino
Macau is known as one of the four casinos in the world, the gaming industry has been set for the Macao SAR government economy leading industries, so want to know Macau, non-gaming in Macau can not understand. Those who wish to understand the secret Macau gambling industry, but also in a day. Whether it as a huge industry in terms of, or view them as a special phenomenon social point of view, we can say that so far it is still a mystery not been solution thoroughly.
There are currently 11 casinos in Macau, 353 gaming tables, employing less than 1 million people. But it has opened up sources of fiscal revenue more than half of Macau, from 11 months to April last year, in February this year, the SAR government only obtain this piece of gaming tax on up to 8.1 billion patacas. As Macau's 11 casinos leader - Lisboa Casino, more like a money machine, this month (March) revenue as high as nearly one billion patacas, while out of the Lisboa casino customers per day 30,000 passenger trips, whether it is the number of customers or revenue, are all casino ranks first in the world.