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X-ray Marked Cards Magical Deck

Ever wanted X-ray vision when playing card games with friends? You can see right through this X-Ray Deck of Cards, but you still won’t come up aces!
Kings, Queens, jokers and all will enjoy the incredible illusion of the X-Ray Deck of Cards! This mystifying set of 54 clear plastic playing cards appear to be translucent as an X-ray, but will never reveal suit or value. This amazing visual effect is made possible through the use of a halftone printing process. From the back, the identical image of a translucent skull can be found on every card. The front of each card tells a different story, with a blue background playing host to the card suit and value. Face cards and jokers have additional colour and features. You may get a Queen with a brain, a King with some teeth, or a Jack with glowing red eyes! Even though they can see right through your cards, your opponent will be none the wiser!
The X-Ray Deck of Cards includes 52 suit cards and two jokers.Not suitable for children aged three years and under.