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X-ray Scanning Device For Remote Control Trick Dice

Besides the spy camera inside the bowl or disk to see the points of dices, we have researched and developed a high-tech dice cheating device for you. That is the X-ray scanning device for a successful dice gambling cheat.
There is no need fixing a spy camera inside the bowl or disk. The X-ray scanning device can be put into the bag to scan the points of dices even though those dices are covered with a bowl. No matter what cover or dices you use, it can scan points of dices accurately. And you can know the results on TV or phone or other mobile device.
The X-ray scanning device is very suitable for the dice game of “Big and Small” or guessing the points of dices.
The scanning distance for the X-ray scanning device is about 2-3m and you can receive a clear video or image on background.
If you take an interest in it, please don’t hesitate to contact us. And if you have any doubt about this device, you can ask for more information. We will try our best to serve you.