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X Ray Scanning System For Dice Game

Do you want to control the dice game freely? Here, with this magic X ray scanning system, you can do it effortlessly.
X ray scanning system is the latest product to help you win dice game. This x ray deice scanner camera will scan the dice bowl and then your partner in the background can see clearly the dice number in the displayer to know the game result, just as you can see through the dice cup, then it can pass these information to you via speaker, finally, through the mini Bluetooth earpiece you wore in ear before, you can receive the game result sent from your partner clearly. This X ray scanning system can be put in your bag or the clothes which is secret to scan the magic dice bowl, and other people cannot find its secret easily.
This X ray scanning system will bring a lot benefit to you. And we also have mercury dices, remote control dice, dice cup scanner camera, loaded dices and so on magic dice kit for sale.