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X Ray Spy Camera For Dice Games

There are many types of auxiliary means can help dice players to know the dice number in advance, and X ray dice spy reader can be one of the best magic tools.
X ray dice scanner can help dice players know the number of each dice, players can make a wise bet and winning more safe. A whole set of dice spy camera device includes an X ray scanner, a computer displayer or mini TV screen as well as other small but important parts. When in the dice game, users can use it to read the number of all the dices without any obstacle. This magic X ray spy dice scanner also is a long distance reader, so it is very suitable to be operate by user and his partner, no need pay attention to see the dice number on the displayer privacy, his partner can pass the outcome to him via mini earpiece once he see the result.
Besides X ray dice spy camera, we also can provide dice cup scanner, remote control dice device.