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Zipper Secret Camera Lens For Poker Analyzer Software

A poker analyzer system usually consists of four parts: a poker analyzer ( not all-in-one set ), a cheating camera, barcode marked
cards and an earpiece.
The cheating camera usually disguises itself as a daily item like watch, lighter, leather belt, car key and such to avoid
attracting attention and arousing suspicion from other gamblers. This article will introduce you to our latest zipper camera for
poker analyzer system.
Our zipper camera is a dynamic camera fixed with an HD camera lens inside, which can read barcode marked cards quickly and accurately in a range wider than many of its similar or competing products. When using the zipper camera to read barcode marked
cards, keep it 25 to 48 cm from the the cards. Its scanning rang is 30cm from up to down and 25cm from left to right.The amazing
thing about this zipper camera is that it won’t get hot even it has kept working for a long time use. Such a great camera can
play a big role in poker cheat by working with the other three cheating devices.
Our company can provide customized products for customers, so if you have any special requirements for the zipper camera, just
tell us and we will design it according to your requirements. For more information about the zipper camera lens, please contact