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Induction Dice

Induction Dice

  • Are you familiar with induction dice, or radio wave dice?
  • This magical dice is installed with an micro radio wave and a small battery, which is a good gambling tool for you.
  • This radio dice helps you know the exact point of the dice through a vibration receiver.
  • According to different length of radio wave, the receiver will have different vibrations, which helps you to know the number of dice easily.
  • Induction dice has the function of interact differently with every side of the dice. It can accurately tell apart which point is the dice.
  • Name:slava      (5/22/2011 2:15:12 PM)   IP211.234.225.90
  • Content: I heard it before and the omnipotent is new product. I want to buy this special contact lenses. Since I am blue eyes, I think it is suitable for me. Great!
  • Reply: This contact lenses is specially designed for blue and green eyes. It won't change your eyes' color.

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