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Our marked cards with contact lenses are high-tech products, the comfort and definition is advanced than any other similar products in the market. Here are the thumbs up marked playing cards for you.

We use special technology to make poker cards by our professional printer and mix different marked cards juice and luminous ink, when wearing our IR poker contact lenses and marked cards sunglasses, you can see the mark on the back of cards clearly. Without our poker contact lenses and best poker sunglasses, you cannot see the marked playing cards.

Also the marks can be made for infrared camera and scanner system, as IR marked cards

All of Modiano cards can be marked and you can choose what kind of mark you want, all kinds of mark are available.

We are professional marked modiano cards processors, enjoys a good reputation in the world.

We can produce the cheating cards according to customer requirements of various brands, such as large print, four small corners, or a variety of patterns.

WINNING is NOT guaranteed and furthermore, using the company’s products to win money by cheating while in Casinos or Private Games is FORBIDDEN. Please be aware of the fact that in some countries cheating at gambling games is considered a crime and therefore punished by law.

Name: Xray2017-11-15 15:07:07IP98.95.180.75
Content: I would like to buy a deck of marked cards, where can I buy infrared contact lenses? I am also interested in phone analyzer system.
Reply: Thank you for your inquiry of marked deck cards. We will reply you by email. Best regards.
Name: Shekar2017-10-16 19:19:43IP6.215.15.2
Content: I want to buy contact lenses that see through playing cards, do you see marked cards?
Reply: Thank you for your inquiry of invisible ink pen contact lenses. We will reply you by email. Best regards.
Name: Luca 2017-09-05 21:57:30IP64.75.138.8
Content: I am interested in infrared marked cards.
Reply: Thank you for your inquiry of  infrared marked cards. We will reply you by email. Best regards.
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