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Modiano No 98 poker marked deck

 Modiano is an Italian brand of playing cards, it is a very popular in texas holdem and omaha card games.
Modiano cards are the official playing card of the 2015 World Series of Poker.
Modiano playing cards Rummy 98:
1. Two poker decks, Modiano No.98 design.
2. Poker size 63x88 mm, 4-pip index
3. Made of Cardboard Triplex Plastificato
4. Come complete with hard plastic storage and carrying case.
5. 2 different colors are available: Red Blue Setup
For some of poker players, playing card games are not always perfect, negative people are controlled by poker games, positive people control the playing cards.
Why GS marked cards company is great, is because when other people lost the confidence in the adversity, but we are still determined to achieve our goal, to explore the world of best luminous marked cards and card cheating techniques, to guide you enjoy the amazing marked playing cards scanner system, infrared camera system, omnipotent contact lenses (glasses that see invisible ink), and so on.
We are the marked cards pathfinder, and also invisible marking cards creator. As we all know, a good player need to be equipped with excellent poker skills, but in another way, a smart person always can find the advanced contact lenses and invisible ink marked cards, and take good use of it. In addition, holdem poker cheater like poker scanner system, it also plays an important role in Modiano 98 marked poker cards and Samsung scanner.
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