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Except for storing used marked cards, what can a discard holder do? After processed by us, the discard holder scanner can tell you which poker players are the winners. In other words, you surely can know the results in Texas Holdem Omaha, and other playing card games.

What we do to this discard holder barcode reader camera that can help you in your game?

At first, we use some special material to let the infrared marked playing cards camera can see through the playing cards to read your barcode marked cards. Then, install a marked deck camera and a signal transmitter inside it. This poker scanner camera is really convenient, easy to carry, especially when you use it in a unfamiliar poker environment, no one will doubt it.

How to use this discard holder marked deck camera reader?

You need to put this card scanner in the poker table or somewhere else, to let it can read the hidden marking cards poker. The poker analyzer system will analyze the barcode data and transfer the signal to the playing cards scanner camera, and tell you the winners.

And normally, most of the poker player know about infrared marked cards with contact lenses, people know that can use poker contact lens and marked cards glasses to see the invisible ink cards, so it is not safe.

Don't need to work with the poker card scanner system and barcode reader camera, you can take the mini earpiece and know every playing cards.

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