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Marked Cards

What is marked cards? A standard marked deck of cards consists of 52 cards in each of the 4 suits of Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs. Each suit has 13 cards: ace through 10, Jack, Queen, and King. It is a kind of magic marked cards with ultra luminous ink on plastic or paper playing cards. We can also call it marked playing cards which are used the luminous ink kit to mark, and work with marked cards reader.

Marked cards are generally used in two areas: magic and poker card games.

1.The History of Marked Cards

The history of marked cards, we can trace back a long time ago. At the very beginning, people use marked cards with scratches, various inks and pigments on the back of cards, and see the luminous marks by human eyes. Some varieties of card marking include block-out work, cut-out work, scroll work, shade work and tint work.

Nowadays, The origin and the meanings of marked cards are not necessarily the same! The previous marks are not suitable now, because the marks are too small to see, people cannot read the marks in far distance. The latest and best marked cards are marked with juice or invisible ink which can be read at table games. They are more useful.

2.The Classifications of Marked Cards

Here we will introduce you the most used classifications of marked cards.

Luminous Marked Cards

Luminous marked cards are very familiar with many poker players, which can be read by infrared contact lenses or invisible pen glasses. They are processed by the uv ink, without the marked cards reader, you cannot detect the marks.

Why it was called luminous? That is because when we use the cheating cards device to read the back marks, some will be luminous (illuminated), so we name it as luminous marked card. Many people love to use them for they are easy to work, don't have the limit of space and people.

luminous marked cards

Infrared Marked Cards

Infrared marked cards are processed by infrared ink, and need to be read by infrared cameras lens. According to this, we can know that they are a new kind of playing cards. People can install the camera system in the ceiling, wall or somewhere else, to read the magic marked cards in different place.

Infrared marked cards are not widely used as luminous marked deck, because they have many restrictions, such as environments and team work. They require you to have your own poker club, or at least need to have your own poker room, to let you can put or install anything you want. In addition, they cannot work individually, you need to have 1 or more partners to tell the infrared marks (numbers and suits) in the monitor. Now maybe you will say:"I don't want to use infrared marked cards system, because they are not so good." Is it really true? There is a saying that what is rational is actual and what is actual is rational. The biggest benefit is that they cannot be detected by the simple marked cards tools, infrared contact lenses and poker glasses. According to this, infrared marked cards also have their own audience group.

infrared marked cards

Ultimate Marked Deck

Ultimate marked decks are commonly used in USA, this kind of cards can be seen by human eyes with different patterns of the card design, also call magic marked cards. Normally a completed phrase should be like this: Bicycle ultimate marked deck for magic tricks. Yes, you get the point, poker magicians use this kind of marked cards for poker magic show. They use the card as a basic prop to achieve magic effects through changes in colors, points, and positions. If you want to or plan to be a poker card magician, you can start to learn ultimate marked deck now.

ultimate marked cards

3.The Brands of Marked Cards

As a mature product, marked cards have many brands all over the world. Poker players use different brands of playing cards according to their different nationalities and different cultures. Here we will briefly introduce the main brands.

Copag Marked Cards

COPAG marked cards are considered by many players of any card game to be the best in the world. Copag cards are widely used in casinos of different countries, such as United States, Brazil, Germany, Belgium, France and so on. Copag 1546, Copag texas holdem, Copag 139, Copag WSOP and various playing cards are popular with poker enthusiasts.

Modiano Marked Playing Cards

Modiano marked playing cards are popular in Europe, which are made with Modiano's proprietary platinum acetate. Modiano is the most commonly used card for Italians, so they are also called Italian decks. As a kind of marked cards, Modiano perform very well. What does it mean? It is because the effect of Modiano Texas Holdem marked cards is the best among all of the playing cards. If you are just a new want to try marked cards, I will suggest you to choose the Modiano Texas Holdem.

Fournier Marked Deck of Cards

Fournier is one of Spain's leading manufacturers of playing cards. Many casinos and poker clubs use Fournier marked deck of cards, I think it is the reason of the patterns and materials. Some Fournier naipes' patterns are too regular to mark well, such as Fournier 2800, Fournier 2500, so casino owners don't need to worry much that poker players will use marked cards to cheat the games in a casino.

However, does this mean Fournier marked deck of cards will not be used in casinos? No, we already mentioned above, they are also widely used. Why? For some knowledgeable players (owners of poker club or casino), they know that they can buy the best marked cards which cannot be detected by human eyes in an online shop, That is the reason.

US Marked Cards

US playing cards are popular all over the world, they connect card enthusiasts everywhere through design and play. Bicycle cards belong to US playing cards company, widely used in magic shows. Bicycle marked card is a special card design, it can be seen in all of countries, no regional restrictions. To many people, Bicycle is their first card game which has been a part of household gaming, it bring people together with generations. Generally speaking, magic marked card is equal to bicycle marked card, they are the same poker card for some people.

There are still many other brands of marked cards, like Bee, Aviator, Dal Negro, Royal and so on, if you want to know more information, please feel free to contact Miya (WhatsApp & Mobile Number:+86 15099951380).

4. How to Mark Cards

Many people want to know the card marking method, how to mark cards and also how they can mark the cards well. No doubt, the technology of marking cards is not a secret now. Many people know that to make marked cards, they need to prepare the basic tools playing cards and ultraviolet ink. The problems are what kind of ink need to mix, how to make up a prescription, and so on. Different cards use different card marking ink, different colors use different prescriptions, what's more, different environments use different luminous ink kit, these all need us to explore and find the best way. If you want to be the best marked cards pathfinder, then you need to spend more energy, technology, capital and time.

5. How to Use Marked Cards

A marked cards deck may look simple, but hidden among the pips, suits, numbers and portraits are surprising secrets.

Marked cards are generally used in two areas: magic tricks and cheating in card games.

Marked Cards Magic Tricks

As for poker magic show, marked cards magic tricks usually refers to a deck of playing cards which has been altered in some way to allow poker magicians to perform certain card tricks, so they can tell the identity of every card from the back, it is not difficult. Usually they use the cards that we mentioned above, Bicycle ultimate marked deck.

Cheating in Card Games

As for cheating in card games, marked cards usually refers to a poker deck has been marked to be read by infrared contact lenses or poker glasses. There are many poker card games, Texas Holdem, Omaha, Baccarat, BlackJack and so on. The most important thing is to know that our marked cards only can be seen by infrared contact lenses or luminous ink glasses kit.

6. Marked Cards Price

Marked cards price, this is the most concerned issue by all cheating cards users. In modern market economics, price is generated by the interaction and balance between supply and demand. Perhaps we can change a saying, price is an external manifestation of the intrinsic value of goods. To the same type of goods (marked cards), price depends on the value (quality). How to detect the quality of marked cards? Here we can use a quite simple method, price.

In the market, there are many different prices of marked cards, some are high, some are cheap, different marked cards suppliers will have different words. We can always hear some cards suppliers said that they offered the good quality products with cheap price, or some marked cards manufacturers said that their cheating cards devices with high price are the best. Some try to hide the truth to cheat people that cheap price equals to good quality, some try to tell the truth that their marked cards deserve the high price. As for now, we can easily distinguish the truth, everything has its value, cheap price never equals to good quality, or high quality. Not everyone can say that their marked cards are the best, but deserve the cheap price, that is not reasonable. We hope every poker marked cards users can make the right choice.

7. Marked Cards Factory

Where to buy the best marked cards? Here you can find the answer.

More recently, poker enjoyed in virtually every country where card games are played, which is truly an international game. Marked cards also play a extremely important role in it, so the demand is constantly increasing.

We are the most professional marked cards factory, all kinds of cheating cards for sale here. We use high technology to make marked cards by our professional printer, and mix different marking juice and luminous ink pen kit, when wearing our infrared ink contact lenses and luminous ink glasses, you can see the marks on the back of marked playing cards clearly.

Marked cards for sale online in, you just need to choose the suitable and right products. Everyone deserve the best, the best marked cards system. A different achievement you will get in poker, a different life that you will be in marked cards.

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