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Best Marked Deck

Here we talk about USA marked cards, the best marked deck. When we say USA marked poker cards, we usually think they are Bicycle playing cards. Many poker magicians will choose bicycle ultimate marked deck to do the magic show, the poker cheating cards. It is easy and amazing. In the past, not all families can afford the tickets of the magic show, so they just know it, but cannot know much about the magic tricks with marked cards. Nowadays, we are here, professional manufacturer of marked cards, infrared ink contact lenses, marked Domino, poker scanning system and remote control dice, to know the secret of USA marked deck of cards, it is not the problem anymore. Not only marked bicycle cards, but also BEE marked deck amazon, Aviator marking playing cards, you can get the secret of card cheating device here. Let me take an example, if we suspected someone was using luminous ink glasses kit to mark a marked deck of cards, this time we will think how to read a marked deck? We simply waved the light over the invisible ink playing cards or use the luminous reader infrared contact lenses, then we can see the marks. It is equal to uv invisible ink contact lenses and marked cards glasses that see through cards.

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