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Automatic tracking image poker scanner camera

Automatic tracking image poker scanner camera

Have you ever hesitated to do something?

Did your hesitation that makes you lose a lot of wonderful stuff?

Now, the brand-new poker scanning camera that you cannot miss, which is called automatic tracking image poker scanner camera, it is an intelligent poker scanning camera for scanning system and moving barcode marked cards. It is the new poker scanner that only has the function of large angle panorama recognition in the market. It can also work with Samsung scanner system (AKK poker scanning) and CVK scanner system.

1.The poker scanning camera uses HD photosensitive chip to scan the large angle panorama, when it recognizes the barcode marked cards, it will track the image automatically.

It can capture the image (barcode marked cards) very clearly.

2.The scanning range is bigger than the old scanner camera.

The scanning distance is 30-55 cm, and the scanning range: 30 cm (from left to right), 30 cm (from top to bottom). You can image that it is a cube, not a plane surface.

It can move left and right, move up and down, move front and back.

For the old analyzer, you need to put the marked poker cards in the correct distance and appropriate place, otherwise you cannot get the accurate results.

Now, for this new automatic tracking image poker scanner camera, You can use this automatic tracking image poker scanner camera to scan the barcode marked cards however you like. just need to make sure that you can in the cube range of 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm

3.Compare with other similar poker scanner, it is very small size.

4.Low power consumption, low temperature, the product can well work continuously for three hours, and the temperature is lower than other scanning products 15 degrees.

Life is like a marathon.

The first half of life, do not hesitate. The second half of life, do not regret

Don't be regretted anymore by your hesitation.

It is the new poker scanning camera that you must have.

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