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Luminous invisible ink marked cards magic

Marked playing cards became very popular with magicians in the last century, for they were props which were inexpensive, versatile, and easily available.

Although magicians have created and presented myriad of illusions with marked cards (sometimes referred to as marked cards magic tricks), most of these illusions are generally considered to be built upon perhaps one hundred or so basic principles and techniques.

Presentation and environment, including pattern, the conjurer's misleading action, that account for many of the variations.

The invisible marked deck is one of the best known marked card tricks. The title of tricks stems from the classic presentation of this poker effect, in which the poker magician hands the spectator an imaginary or "invisible" marked cards poker.

Card magic, likely dates from the time playing cards became commonly known, towards the second half of the fourteenth century, but its history in this period is largely undocumented. Compared to sleight of hand magic in general and to cups and balls, it is a relatively new form of poker magic. However, due to its versatility as a prop it has become very popular amongst modern magicians.

How to mark cards in poker, many people want to know

Some people want to use for poker magic show, some one want to use for poker games as poker tricks.

However, there are many ways to mark cards by luminous invisible ink.

Many kinds of marked cards ink are available. Our marked cards juice is good quality products that are suitable for poker magic show.

Systematically, luminous ink can be grouped into 2 kinds:

1. Contact lenses marked cards ink

2. Infrared marked cards ink

How to make luminous ink at home and how to mark cards?

Step 1. You need to prepare the material.

Include: luminous ink pen, a red filter (poker contact lenses, or marked cards glasses), and playing cards.

About playing cards, red cards are required. In fact, different environment and different situation use different poker cards juice and invisible ink, so the effect is not the same.

For the marked cards ink that we usually offer, is red color (the most useful ink), so need red cards. Maybe I can change a saying, only in red cards. If in other color, the mark (luminous ink) will be visible.

Step 2. You can start to marked deck of cards.

You can use the luminous ink pen to mark the cards slightly. About the mark, you can make big mark in the middle, or 4 small marks.

Different people have different writing habits, so you can make your own designs.

Many poker players want to know that whether they can mark the cards during the game, Texas Holdem or Omaha. In some countries, they are not allowed to put electronic equipment (poker scanner camera, poker analyzer) on table, so some of them want to mark cards by themselves and then use poker contact lenses and marked playing cards sunglasses to see the mark.

As a professional manufacturer of marked cards, our suggestion is NO.

Our marked cards luminous ink kits are designed attentively, so everyone can use luminous ink to mark their own cards manually.

However, it can use just for cards tricks (poker magic show) or for fun. It cannot be used in Casino or big poker clubs, except under special conditions.

If you want to use marked cards contact lenses in casino or poker club, we suggest you to buy our marked cards directly.

The furthest distance in the world

is not the way from birth to the end.

It is when luminous ink kits stand in front of you

but you don't know how to work with them.

If you have additional questions, please free feel to contact us

Luminous ink kit for marking cards

Invisible ink can be marking poker cards, and the ink from luminous kit, this kit system is good for cards marking, luminous ink contact lenses can good to see. If you want to buy this card marking ink to mark you deck on casino, we will sale you cheap price. and we have infrared contacts for sale.

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