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Marked Cards

What is marked cards? It is a kind of magic marked cards with ultra luminous ink on plastic or paper playing cards. We can also call it marked playing cards, we can also understand it to use luminous ink kit for marking cards.

Marked cards are generally used in two areas: magic and poker card games.

As for poker magic show, marked cards usually refers to a deck of playing cards which has been altered in some way to allow magicians to perform certain card tricks, it is not difficult and practical.

As for poker card games, marked cards usually refers to a poker deck has been marked to be read by infrared contact lenses. There are many poker card games, Texas Holdem, Omaha, Baccarat, BlackJack and so one. The most important thing is to know that our marked cards only can be seen by infrared contact lenses or luminous ink glasses kit. The key in poker card games is our invisible ink and luminous marked cards poker.

We use high technology to make marked cards by our professional printer, and we mix different marking juice and luminous ink pen kit, when wearing our infrared ink contact lenses and luminous ink glasses, you can see the marks on the back of marked playing cards clearly.

These marked cards for sale online, you just need to choose our marked cards poker with invisible ink contact lenses. A different achievement you will get in poker, a different life that you will be in card cheating equipment.

Marked cards poker urge attention and thinking, it can practice your brain activities! Changing your poker can be seen as one step of the tactics, since marked cards in your hands and contact lenses in your eyes, you will get fun with poker games.

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Content: How to mark cards while playing poker? Can I use infrared contact lenses to see the marked cards?
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Content: I need to buy one for brown eye
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