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Fournier N.1 invisible ink for playing cards

Fournier Heraclio No1 Playing Cards Cheating Tricks

HERACLIO Fournier No.1 playing cards cheating tricks.
Playing cards features:
1. Color pattern on the back of cards: red and blue
2. Material: cardboard
3. The deck contains: 40/50 cards
4. The size of cards: 62mm*95mm
How to mark HERACLIO FOURNIER No 1 playing cards with magic cheating tricks? Do you know the best way to mark cards? How do you make invisible ink?

blue cards: marked a big font in the middle of the card (white mark)
red cards: marked with a big font in the middle or small fonts in four corners (white or black marks).
How does the invisible ink work?
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Here is your best choice for playing cards cheating tricks.

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