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Infrared contact lenses marked cards

Copag 4 Colour UV marked deck

 Copag 100% plastic four-color deck is identical to the standard deck except for the color of the suits.
In a typical four-color deck, hearts are red and spades are black as usual, but clubs are green and diamonds are blue. This is the origin of its name.
UV contact lenses, for many poker players, it is not special, already known, but in other way, it means it is used widely.
Ultraviolet contact lenses marked cards poker and infrared marked deck are available, but here we need to restate again, they are 2 kinds of different poker cards products.
It means UV marked cards cannot be detected by IR contact lenses, the same, infrared juiced deck of cards cannot be detected by Ultraviolet poker lenses.
When poker players are wearing the suitable playing cards contact lenses that can see invisible ink, at various lights including the energy saving lamps, they can see the back luminous marks.
In some ways, poker marked playing cards and contact lenses, are a good choice in poker.
You can know the cards with infrared marked cards reader, and do not worry that it will get wrong result by poker scanning system and scanner camera.

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