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Modinao Jumbo Bike invisible ink playing cards

Modiano Bike Trophy invisible ink playing cards

 Modiano Bike Trophy cards are considered by many people to be the finest in the world.
Modiano poker playing cards will last approximately 50 times longer than regular paper cards.
Juice dust and daubing poker cards constitute our luminous marked cards.
These cards are Jumbo index and Regular index. Red and blue invisible ink marked playing cards are available.
Each deck contains 52 cards, 2 jokers and one guarantee card.
Modiano infrared marked playing cards can be in different ways:
Red and Blue cards: marked with big font in the middle or small fonts in 4 corners ( white or black marks ).
The best casino poker can be seen by infrared prescription poker glasses and marked cards with special lenses.
UV marks and IR marks can be made. Marked cards are a good choice for you to have fun with your family and friends.
UV marked playing cards and IR marked cards poker are available. They are unique to their own special contact lenses. It means UV marked cards cannot be detected by IR contact lenses. At the same time, IR marked cards cannot be detected by UV contact lenses. UV marked cards can be only detected by the player who is wearing the UV poker lenses at various lights including the energy saving lamps. Infrared marked deck only can be seen by our poker cheating glasses and poker cheating contact lenses.

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