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Fournier WPT infrared marked cards for sale

Fournier WPT Infrared Ink Cards

Fournier WPT infrared ink cards, 100% plastic Jumbo poker playing cards.
Red and blue colors are available.
Nowadays, a lot of poker cheating cards are in the market, many people don’t know how to do with it, they don’t know how to choose the good infrared ink cards, they also don’t know that what kind of poker scanner system are suitable for them.
If it is due to the fact that you bought low quality goods with low price, and you had trouble in using it that led to unfinished your mission, contrary to expectations, the result of the game is so not worth it. It would be a big loss.
Some people want to know how to make luminous ink at home, luminous ink kit for marking cards. To be honest, the invisible ink pen, the manual marks is not perfect enough.
Golden Sunshine infrared ink cards, the assurance of quality and service.
How to mark infrared ink cards with an invisible luminous pen:
1. Marked with 4 small fonts and suits in four corners, or big front and suit in the middle of the back on the red cards
2. Marked with big font and suit in the middle back of the blue cards.
As you know, Golden Sunshine has high quality and good service in poker; we can also do the mark according to your special order, customized your own infrared ink cards..

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Content: Would like to get a few decks
Reply: Thank you for your inquiry of marked decks. We will reply you by email. Best regards.
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