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Modiano Napoletane carte da poker segnate

Modiano Napoletane marked playing cards

 This deck is the Napoletane 97/ 38. It is from the Spanish regional style of Italian playing cards. The Size of this playing card is 3 1/2" x 2". Although played throughout Italy, it is most commonly played in the Campania region.
This is a plastic-coated playing card made of triplex cardboard. Triplex cardboard is thicker and meant to last longer than a normal plastic-coated playing card.
How to mark cards with an invisible luminous pen?
How can I find and buy the best suitable Modiano marked playing cards?
How to make luminous ink at home
Before I offer my take on this, let’s start with a little perspective. Normal card marking isn’t new. There are a million ways to mark cards, but you need to find the correct way. New technologies are allowing poker players to run wild with their imagination.
There is a lot of information out there on how to mark cards. In a casino or poker club environments they are a little tougher to get away with it, regardless of how easy the authors of such people may imply that it is. However, indications are that it may be getting easier.
In casino land, it is not uncommon to see players marking cards using the most simple of techniques. They’re embarrassingly low-tech with invisible ink pen or kit: card bending, nicking, scratching, knuckling and finger nailing. All names that are self-explanatory.
If we can find a new infrared contact lenses and invisible ink marked cards, then you will be the smart. Don't need to make the playing cards being different, and then also can see the luminous back marks.

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