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Modiano old trophy invisible ink for playing cards

Modiano old trophy 4 PIP uv marking cards

 Modiano old trophy 4 PIP poker marked deck.
Modiano is an Italian brand of playing cards, it is a very popular in texas holdem and omaha card games.
Modiano old trophy:
1. Playable and washable, 100% plastic playing cards manufactured in Italy by Modiano company.
2. Classic four-color face cards with the distinctive Modiano ace of spades.
3. 2 colors are available: red and blue, also beautifully intricate card backs.
4. Size: poker wide, 2.5 inch (62mm) by 3.5 inch.
5. 4-pip index, great for checking the hole cards in Texas Holdem card game, since the multiple smaller pips allow poker players to view their hole cards more efficiently.
Modiano playing cards are a good kind of marked cards, it can do well as invisible ink marking playing cards, and its best partners are infrared contact lenses and marked cards glasses.
However, Modiano cards also can be barcode marked deck, and be seen by different poker scanner camera, and also different poker analyzer, such as CVK card cheaters, AKK poker winner predictor.

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