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Fournier contact lens playing cards

Fournier 818 marked playing cards

What is a marked deck of cards? How to mark Modiano 818 poker cards?
This is the common questions for many poker players and playing cards magicians.
A magic trick invisible deck usually means a marked deck of playing cards which has been altered in some ways to let poker magicians or some poker casinos use the card marking ink with hand or with an invisible ink kit for playing cards to perform tricks to do with marked cards reader, like invisible ink glasses poker, luminous ink contact lenses.
A marked deck has a subtle mark on the decorative side of the cards. Usually the luminous mark is placed in a certain position to indicate the number of the card, with the color or shape of the mark indicating suit. The magician shows the card to the audience and reads off the number and suit of the card without seeing it, indicating 'x-ray vision'. This principle is derived from similar card marking techniques used to take advantage of gambling. The cards of a marked deck may be marked in a number of ways. Ultraviolet contact lens for poker marked cards may be manufactured with subtle variations in the back pattern.

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