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Fournier 2818 infrared marked cards

Fournier 2818 marked cards for sale

 Can Fournier 2818 blue cards be marked perfectly?
Fournier 2818 is extremely popular in Russia, Ukraine and France. Fournier marked cards are made 100% plastic, they can be used in all poker casinos and poker clubs.
Many colors are available: red, blue, orange and green.
For other people, Fournier 2818 red marked poker cards can be marked for a long time while blue cards comparably difficult to be marked.
However, this is only for other people, our Fournier 2818 blue cards can also be marked perfectly.
Our newest and best solution, which is developed by our GS marked poker cards company recently, can be applied into the Fournier 2818 blue playing cards. The marks can be seen very clearly under the casino light condition.
We have high quality products, no matter red cards or blue cards, all of them can be marked as best marked playing cards. Whenever, technology is the most important thing. Here we have good quality, good service, of course good products, it is no denying that you can get a perfect result by our Fournier marked deck cards poker.
Same as other plastic invisible ink playing cards, Fournier 2818 marked cards also can be marked in different ways.
Blue cards: marked with big font in the middle (white mark).
Red cards: marked with big font in the middle or small fonts in 4 corners (white or black marks).
All of our luminous ink marked playing cards can work with infrared camera, Texas Holdem and Omaha scanner system, phone analyzer.

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