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Modiano golden trophy carte da poker segnate

Modiano golden tropny marked poker cards

 Modiano golden trophy poker cards are used a lot. They are washable, durable and high performing.
Marked modinao cards are made 100% plastic. You can use marked deck of cards in any casino. 2 decks of cards are in a pack, double deck. 2 colors are available, red and blue.
Many colors are available and also can be marked in different ways, UV marked poker cards and Infrared marked playing cards.
All kinds of Modiano infrared marked deck of cards are for sale; printable deck of playing cards, you can buy marked cards poker here.
Different technologies can be applied into different back colors of marked Modiano cards
Blue cards: big suits and numbers can be put in the middle of the back (white mark)
Red cards: big suits and numbers can be put in the middle or small numbers and suits can be placed in four corners (white or black marks).
We can also design the cards for your own mark, according to your special need, invisible ink contact lenses marked cards, Infrared marked cards for infrared camera, analyzer marked cards for poker analyzer.

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