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Modiano Super Fiori infrared marked cards

Modiano Super Fiori infrared ink marked cards

 Modiano Super Fiori 4 PIP is currently available in poker size. 2 deck set has blue and red backs.
The 4 PIP index is very unique! The numbers are displayed in all 4 corners of each card. Modiano Super Fiori 4-PIP Poker sets are made up of two decks in a sturdy box with a slide out plastic tray, 100% plastic. Each deck is a standard deck made up of 52 cards of 4 different suits. There are also 2 jokers in each deck, widely use in Poker, Blackjack or any other casino games.
Modiano plastic best marked cards are very famous playing cards in poker field as well as magic field. And they are good friends to infrared sunglasses, contact lenses and also marked playing cards with glasses, they always work with wearing GS invisible ink contact lenses to see marked cards for poker cheat. One of the most usefully cards marker ( invisible ink pen ) is marked by luminous invisible ink and you can see the cards counts from the back with our cheating cards lens and infrared glasses.
As a marked cards professional manufacturer, we need to take the many factors into account. When we are marking cards, we need to consider the effect of the marked deck of cards, material, color, lighting problem and so on. All we done is for providing you the best products and helping you to succeed.
Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in best quality marked playing cards.
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