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Magic tricks with marked cards Copag

Copag 1546 bridge size regular marked poker cards

 COPAG started as a printing company in 1908, it is a company based in São Paulo, Brazil.
Copag 1546 Bridge size Regular index:
1. Two regular size regular decks, 1546 design.
2. Each measure 2.25 x 3.5 inches (W x H).
3. Made of 100% PVC plastic material for years of use.
4. Completely washable via quick wipe with damp cloth, washable.
5. Come complete with hard plastic storage and carrying case.
6. 10 different colors are available: Red Blue Setup, Black Gold Setup, Green Burgundy Setup, Purple Grey Setup, and Orange Brown Setup.

I do not exactly remember who said that life is a poker games, you cannot know what will happen in next second, win or lose.
Poker players need to learn many skills to protect themselves.
How to protect? We can take Copag marked cards as an example.
Copag marked deck can work with infrared contact lenses and poker cheating sunglasses, to be the invisible ink playing cards.
Copag marked playing cards can be marked on the back, work with IR camera to be seen by infrared camera lenses, like wall camera reader, long distance spy cards camera.
Copag marked poker cards also can work with poker scanner system, to know the poker winners directly, in this part, Copag marked card deck is a part of poker scanner predictor.

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