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Copag 139 marked cards baralho marcado

Copag 139 naipe pequeno baralho marcado

 Copag 139 bridge size naipe pequeno, is one of the best known Copag poker playing cards, made of coated paper, and the deck is in production in Brazil, the pattern is represented by a bowl with arabesques and a knight with shield.
The number of cards / 1 baralho: 55 cards (52 + 2 jokers + 1 guarantee card)
Size: Bridge Size 57x89 mm
Material: paper
Index: Standard Index (Naipe Pequeno)
Package Type: 1 box contain 12 units (6 red + 6 blue)

What is a marked deck of cards? How to use luminous ink kit for marking cards?
Some poker players will say invisible ink contact lenses marked cards, some poker players will say infrared camera marked deck, some poker players will say poker scanner camera barcode cards.
What is it?
Copag 139, it is a kind of interesting luminous marked cards, you can take it as a magic marked playing cards to have fun with your friends.
Copag marked playing cards have excellent quality, they come with coated paper and are finished in non-toxic varnish.
When wearing the best poker sunglasses or infrared contact lenses invisible ink contact lenses, you can know the ultraviolet mark, to be a poker prophet.

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