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How to buy Luminous Ink Reader Kit

Copag regular face ultimate marked deck

Copag 100% plastic regular face:
1. 100% Plastic Washable Playing Cards
2. Poker sized (2.5 x 3.5 inches)
3. Completely washable, you don't need to worry about soiled cards. A quick wipe with a damp washcloth, then dry and they are ready to go
4. Single deck
5. 2 colors: red and black
GS marked cards, the guarantee of good quality.
Some clients want to find the cheap price marked cards, but they ask for the good quality, which the back marks cannot be seen by normal  eyes, only with marked cards contact lenses or poker glasses to see the invisible mark.
As we all know, everything has its value.
Low price is equal to poor quality
1) poor quality cards, maybe you cannot see the marks clearly.
2) poor quality cards, maybe the marks are wrong, wrong fonts, wrong colors.
3) poor quality cards, maybe will be visible by normal eyes.
How does the invisible ink work?
How to make luminous ink at home?
Can you imagine the time you play playing card games, with poor quality marked playing cards and bad marked cards reader, the result of the game is so not worth it. It would be a big loss. What's more, it will hurt your eyes.
Choosing GS marked cards, choosing the guarantee of high quality and good service.
Golden Sunshine marked cards contact lenses, you deserve to own.

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Content: Can I see invisible ink pen
Reply: Thank you for your inquiry of poker marked cards and invisble ink pen.   
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Content: What Price do they have? I Need The Copag Marked Cards and Infrared Contact Lense.
Reply: Thank you for your inquiry of poker marked cards.  
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