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  • Plastic Modiano Marked Playing Cards With Glasses2017-04-06
  • There are back marked cards for IR/UV readers, barcode marked cards read by analyzer scanners, back marked cards for spy camera lenses reading and laser back marked cards to be read by laser spy camera lenses.
  • Poker Tracking Software For Texas2017-04-06
  • The poker analyzer system include a camera, a poker analyzer, barcode marked cards and a wireless earpiece or Bluetooth.
  • X Ray Spy Camera For Dice Games2017-04-05
  • X ray dice spy camera can see through the dice cup and display the dice number for players on the computer displayer or mini TV screen.
  • English Version Playing Cards Analysis Software2017-04-05
  • The Pineapple analysis software was designed on the basis of poker analyzer for analyzing the poker result before the cards dealt. It is necessary to add a camera lens and barcode marked cards to work with the Pineapple analysis software.