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  • Mini Earphone For Poker Scanner System2017-03-10
  • This is a kind of wireless device. You can put the analyzer within 50 cm far. The nearer the analyzer put toward the mini-earphone, the bigger the voice will be.
  • Poker Winner Analyzer Vibrator2017-03-10
  • The vibrator can be used with poker winner analyzer and the players less than 5. You should stick the vibrator onto the body separately.
  • KEM Arrow Back Marked Cards For Spy Camera Lens2017-03-09
  • The infrared ink marked cards can be read by infrared spy camera lens, laser spy camera lens ( both generation 2 and 5 ) and light-less spy camera lens, whereas those cards marked by light-less ink can only be identified by the light-less spy camera lens.
  • Baccarat Poker Shoes Devices 2017-03-09
  • The whole magic poker shoe system includes three parts: a poker shoe with an HD camera lens inside, two remote controllers and a charger. In order for the whole system to work, you also need to get barcode marked cards into the games.