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  • Marking Playing Cards With High-tech Printer2017-07-06
  • The high-tech printer is very excellent to mark any kind of poker cards like invisible ink marked cards for IR contact lenses reading, barcode marked cards to be read by poker analyze camera lens and back marked cards for spy camera.
  • Wireless Earpieces For Poker Analyzer2017-07-04
  • The special headset is used in poker analyzer system to convey the poker results for you. This kind of headset is wireless and very mini.
  • Modiano Club Marked Cards2017-07-04
  • We have two kinds of Modiano Club marked cards for sale, one is back contact lenses marked cards, another is barcode marked cards.
  • What Is Russian Roulette Device2017-07-03
  • This kind of roulette has been processed, and roulette and ball are magnetic, so players can win the game through connecting and breaking the magnetic field.