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350 chip-carrier playing cards scanner camera

350 chip rack playing cards scanner camera

Texas poker table chip tray is used as chip holder, normally for 4mm poker chips.
Size: 34cm * 22cm (37cm * 25cm * 5cm)
Material: plastic
Color: black
Chips: 350

Poker scanning camera, it can be installed in a poker chip rack.
It can be put on the table, also some people call it poker table scanner camera.
Chip holder poker camera is use to read the barcode marked deck, to know the outcome of analyzer system.
It plays an very important role in poker playing cards scanner system, the good quality poker chip holder can scan the analyzer marked cards in 0.1 second.
1. It is more safe.
Chip rack scanning camera is easy to operate, do not need partner. You don't need to worry that other people will know this poker card scanner.
2. It is suitable for all kinds of games.
350 chips tray scanner camera can be used widely, whatever Texas Holdem, Omaha, Pineapple, Baccarat, BlackJack and so on.
3. Many kinds of distance are available. About 7-15cm, 10-25cm, 20-40cm, 30-50cm and so on.
4. Long usage time.
The biggest advantage of this poker cards scanner is the working time, continuously working time is more than 20 hours.

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