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The reasons of Macau casino revenue decline is infrared contact lens?

Why the casinos in Macau have been experiencing a steady decline?

A very important reason is lots of player use the poker cheating device like the poker scanning system to know the winner of the poker game. Then they win the game.
But how did they make it? As you may know the poker analyzer which can analyze the date after the poker scanner read the barcode marked playing deck, when the dealer shuffle the playing deck. Within a seconds, the can know the winner by spy earpiece.
As the poker analyzer is like a normal smartphone. No one would notice a phone maker device. and also you may curious about the poker scanning camera. It is a normal device too. like the lighter to light the cigarette, that also can be made as a poker scanner.
Juiced Modiano or Bicycle cards cannot be seen by normal eyes, only special made machine can see the marks. So it is also safe.
One of the reasons is the decline in business generated from gambling junkets which attract high rollers that contributed a large percentage of the overall revenue.
The those explains can help you to understand what you need to do when you playing the cards game.