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Luminous glasses

There is no difference in appearance between the luminous marked cards glasses and sunglasses. This luminous glasses is specialized in reading the UV marks on the back of playing cards. After players wear this good quality glasses, the UV marks can be read under various light. The color of surrounding environment is in red after wearing Luminous glasses.

Luminous glasses is really useful in self-defense and winning in gambling.

1, Aluminous frame in Golden color

2, PVC lenses in dark brown

3, The same size with the normal eye glasses

4, O degree

This x ray glasses see through playing cards, infrared glasses used to detect invisible ink, invisible pen with glasses can make cards marking in poker club.

If your playing cards marking ink, you can buy GS glasses to auxiliary you, you can make good marked playing cards with glasses.

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Name: Cam2018-09-18 12:16:12IP192.12.231.5
Content: I want to buy AKK playing cards analyzer system, what is the price? Do you also have marked cards for sale?
Reply: Thank you for your inquiry of  playing cards akk analyzer. We will reply you by email. Best regards.
Name: Decy2018-08-31 11:04:25IP12.11.139.32
Content: What is a marked deck of cards?
Reply: Thank you for your inquiry of marked deck of cards. We will reply you by email. Best regards.
Name: Jam2018-08-30 16:54:52IP12.2.169.25
Content: How to mark cards with an invisible luminous pen? Can I buy your infrared ink and marked cards poker?
Reply: Thank you for your inquiry of invisible luminous pen marked cards. We will reply you by email. Best regards.
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