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AKK CVK poker analyzer

Poker Analyzer

 The newest poker analyzer enjoys the function of telling the suits and numbers of the code marked cards within 0.1 second.
When the marked cards are scanned by our micro scanning camera, our poker analyzer can automatically read and analyze the barcodes of marked deck (the cards have been processed before) with playing cards scanner camera. Then you can get the numbers and suits of each card from micro-earpiece.
This poker analyzer can be set to report the result in different way:
1. It is good for you to play Texas Hold’em poker, 2 cards game. With this best poker winner predictor, you can know the outcome easily.
2. You can use it to play Omaha card game. Some countries use 1 group community cards, some countries use 2 groups community cards, also some use 3 groups. With this best poker cheating device, the playing cards analyzer, all different card game rules can be solved.
3. You can get the result from the top card to the bottom one (all 52 cards can be reported).
4. You can get the result from the bottom card to the top one (all 52 cards can be reported).
There is a mini-controller device, which is used to adjust the speed of analyzer to report the cards. Thus you can control when the analyzer should report each card during the game.

Playing Cards Analyzer

Our playing cards analyzer, the best poker winner predictor system can be applied to the game of Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Black Jack, Monte, Zecchinetta, and Baccarat and so on.
Special offer: 10 marked decks are offered for free, if you buy our poker analyzer now.
Hard configuration:
1, iPhone, Samsung or Nikia Mobile phone analyzer
2, Poker scanner camera
3, Mini-earpieces
4, Marked cards
If you need to watch the video showing this scanning system, please feel free to send us email.
In order to satisfy different requirements of customers, we provide our product with multi-language version, including English, French, Russian, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, etc. The original language version is English. If you need other versions, please book in advance.
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