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Red and blue Aviator cards with luminous marks

There are many contradictory things in the daily life, for example, you are not a professional poker player but you really want to win in poker games like a professional poker player. Then you really have to work ways out.

You may ever thought that you can practice your poker skills through continuously playing, you might ever thought that you can own eyes that can see through others' cards. But you have been thinking, are there any actions?

Our products are poker skills that you can use secretly in the game, they are infrared contact lenses and marked poker cards. And you have to use them to enhance your ability level of playing cards.

Though using poker cheating devices is forbidden in any casinos, you can use them to play games with your friends for practicing purpose. Red and blue Aviator cards with luminous marks could be a nice choice, it contains 52 cards and 2 jokers for each deck, white and black marks can be marked on the cards with big fonts in the middle or small fonts in four corners.

With our contact lenses in your eyes, you can see the marks on the back of cards very clearly. It’s easier for you to win the games with knowing others’ cards counts.